Whirlpool Hop Extract


Formerly YCH 702, DynaBoost is an oil-enriched extract that flows effortlessly at ambient temperatures.

DynaBoost was crafted as a hassle-free whirlpool addition that amplifies aromatics through a concentration of wort-soluble compounds. Thanks to that solubility, you get less solid matter impacting your waste stream and more wort heading to your fermenter, with some brewers reporting up to a 5% increase in wort yield.


  • Easy to use
  • Flowable at room temperature
  • Increase hot side yield
  • Reduction of solid matter in the whirlpool and waste stream
  • Shipping and storage space reduction


DynaBoost serves as a versatile companion in the brewhouse, adding a rich and dynamic hop character to your beer. This exceptionally flowable oil extract delivers varietal hop characteristics to your brew through a high concentration of beer-soluble compounds. Thanks to its solubility, brewers may see an increase in wort yield due to a reduction in trub.

KETTLE: DynaBoost carries variety-specific alpha acid content and can be used both as an early bittering addition, or a late aroma addition in the kettle.

Post-Boil/Whirlpool: DynaBoost was specifically designed to boost aromatics as a whirlpool addition. The wort soluble oil extract will deliver variety-specific aroma attributes and minimize trub, potentially increasing your whirlpool yield.

Fermentation: DynaBoost requires contact time with hot liquid to incorporate into wort or fermenting beer. For that reason, brewers who choose to use DynaBoost in the fermenter often use a "dip hop" method, where a small portion of the wort is transferred to the fermenter hot (170-200°F) along with DynaBoost. The hot wort and DynaBoost mixture is then allowed to stand for a short period before the main knockout at fermentation temperature, after which yeast can be pitched.

Dry hopping: DynaBoost was not intended to be used as a dry-hop addition. Instead, it is recommended to replace 25-50% of dry hop additions with YCH 701 Trial, leaving up to 50% of the additions as T-90 or Cryo Hops® pellets. 


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