Fresh Hops are the most unpredictable, yet exciting form of hops available.

Harvested fresh as whole, wet cones, they are shipped within 36 hours for immediate brewing to create a vibrant flavor profile that can only be enjoyed once a year.

Whole Leaf Hops are the dried and pressed inflorescences of female hop plants.

The cones are removed from the bines, kiln dried to the ideal moisture content, and pressed into bales on the farms for a versatile yet traditional hop product.

Hop Pellets are produced from kiln-dried, whole leaf hop cones. 

Hammer-milled into a uniform powder and pressed through a pellet die, T90 pellets retain their natural lupulin and are fine tuned for repeatable brewing batch after batch.

Cryo Hops® pellets are the concentrated lupulin of whole leaf hops. 

With twice the resin content of T90 pellets, it is designed to provide intense hop flavor and aroma, enabling brewers to efficiently dose large quantities of alpha acids and oils.

American Noble Hops™ contain the concentrated leaf matter of whole leaf hops.

Designed to share traditional noble hop characteristics including high aromatics and low alpha acids, it contributes pleasant noble bitterness with the unique aromas of Pacific Northwest varieties.

CO2 Hop Extract is the pure resin extract of hop cones. 

Produced using a supercritical CO2 process which extracts the soft resins and essential oils, it is primarily used to provide bitterness but can also be used for variety specific aromas and flavors.

Organic Hops are grown and produced to meet USDA Certified Organic standards.

Following a strict set of procedures and requirements in both the fields and facilities, YCH and our select growers supply Certified Organic Hops for brewing organic beers.

Aged Hops are whole cones that have been stored to meet aged hop specifications.

YCH selects hop varieties with specific characteristics and aging capabilities to be stored in a controlled environment to produce validated aged hops for brewing traditional Belgian ales.

Hop blends are crafted to achieve a specific profile or community-based mission.   

The YCH blending program contains three components – Flavor Blends, Expression Blends, and Community Blends – all in pursuit of new aroma profiles and impactful collaborations.


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