Oil-Boosted Hop Extract


HyperBoost™, formerly YCH 701, is a concentrated hop oil extract produced via a novel supercritical extraction technique.

Intended to amplify hop aromatics and increase yield, HyperBoost excels at adding beautiful hop aroma anywhere pellets are normally used, including cold-side applications. HyperBoost is made from single-hop varieties to deliver variety-specific aroma boosts to your finished beer.


  • Increased efficiency
  • Ease of use
  • Increased aroma
  • Less storage space needed
  • High concentrations of survivable compounds
  • Reduction of waste


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HyperBoost™ is designed to easily pour in your fermenter as a cold side addition, adding an intense saturation of hop flavor to your finished beer. Most brewers choose to use HyperBoost as a fermenter addition, but it can also be added to the whirlpool. Using HyperBoost in place of traditional pellets can increase finished beer yield.

KETTLE: HyperBoost is not intended for kettle additions. For early kettle and bittering additions, we recommend pellets or CO2 extract. DynaBoost™ carries variety-specific oil and alpha acid content to the kettle and can be used as a late kettle addition.

Post-Boil/Whirlpool: For whirlpool use, brewers can replace up to 100% of pellets with HyperBoost. We suggest replacing T-90 pellet additions in the whirlpool at a rate of 50:1 by weight (20 g of HyperBoost to replace 1 kg T-90). Your brewery might choose to use more or less depending on beer style or overall goal.

Fermentation: HyperBoost can be used as an active or post-fermentation hop addition. Incorporate HyperBoost anywhere in the process you would typically use pellets.

Dry hopping: For dry hop additions, YCH recommends using HyperBoost for 25-50% of the addition and adding T-90 or Cryo® pellets for the remainder of the hop charge. As a dry hop, we suggest starting with a replacement rate of 100:1 HyperBoost to T-90 pellets by weight (10 g HyperBoost in place of 1 kg T-90) to 125:1 (8 g HyperBoost in place of 1 kg T-90). 


Download our HyperBoost Product Sheets

Product Data Sheet Product Overview sheet Product Tech sheet


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