Cryo Hops® x Phantasm®: YCH 303 Trial
Cryo Hops x PhantasmCryo Hops x Phantasm


Cryo Hops® is an industry-leading, patented, cryogenic process used to separate whole cones into two components—concentrated lupulin and bract. Each component of the hop is preserved using extremely low temperatures in a nitrogen rich environment during the entire process, from separation to pelleting. This patented process displaces oxygen throughout the system, increasing product quality and reducing the oxidation of the lupulin. The result is a concentrated lupulin pellet containing resins and aromatic oils. It is designed to provide intense hop flavour and aroma, enabling brewers to efficiently dose large quantities of alpha acids and oils without introducing astringent flavors or vegetative material. YCH’s recent research surrounding “survivable” beersoluble compounds and subsequent release of the Cryo Pop® Original Blend continues to push the frontiers of maximizing beer solubility in critical hop compounds. This research allows brewers to produce the most highly aromatic beers in the world.


Phantasm® is a groundbreaking product which delivers massive quantities of beer-soluble thiol precursors in a brewer-friendly format. Derived from the skin of New Zealand grown Sauvignon Blanc grapes, this concentrated powder allows brewers to load wort streams with high levels of iimportant thiol precursors, which are thought to provide the raw material for beneficial biotransformation into highly aromatic thiols such as 3MH, 3MHA, and 4MMP. These thiols are an important group of beer-soluble compounds found in hops and grapes, which deliver potent tropical aromas in beer


YCH 303 Trial is a co-pelleted, concentrated Cryo Hops® and Phantasm® pellet. This pellet was designed to leverage the high degree of “Survivable” compounds present in both Cryo Hops® and Phantasm, and synergize the aroma benefits of these two powerful products in one dose. Via the research done by both Yakima Chief Hops and Phantasm®, our teams believe we’ve created a highly-potent pellet with the potential to deliver increased amounts of beer-soluble aromatic compounds. This experimental pellet is a testament to the creative, boundary-pushing nature at the heart of the craft beer industry.


  • Simcoe®- 23.3%
  • Citra®- 23.3%
  • Mosaic®- 23.3%
  • Phantasm Powder- 30%


To maximize the biotransformative potential of this product, it is recommended that the pellets be dosed in a late whirlpool or “cool pool” scenario. A dosing rate of 1.5-3 g/L is recommended. Alpha Acids are present in the product, and should be considered when designing recipes. Certain beers may benefit from the use of a “thiolized” yeast strain, or any highly biotransformative yeast.