NZ Hops with every order!

Nelson Sauvin™ & Motueka™ with every order!

In January this year Yakima Chief Hops and NZ Hops Ltd. joined forces to form a new global partnership, giving our brewing partners across the world access to a whole new continent of hop varieties.

To celebrate this partnership, and to give our customers a taste of what NZ Hops have to offer, we’re giving away two of New Zealand’s biggest varieties: Nelson Sauvin™ and Motueka™.

Any order from our online Spot Market made before August 17th 2023 will receive a 1kg foil of each Nelson Sauvin™ and Motueka™ included in their delivery.

Nelson Sauvin™ has reached superstar status worldwide, thanks to powerful aromas that are as distinctive as they are unique. This dual purpose hop is capable of elevating any style of beer with flavours of fresh crushed gooseberries, stone fruit and new world white wine.

Motueka™ is another cult New Zealand hop, known for its versatility and massive flavours. Freshly crushed limes, lemon zest and tropical fruit juice are some of the delicious aromas Motueka™ contributes to finished beer, alongside a distinctive character of Mojito.

These two wonder hops can be used individually to bring their unique characteristics to a range of beers styles, including saisons, lagers, pale ales & many more. Or they can be combined with your favourite Pacific North West varieties to add a new dimension to your next IPAs. The choices are endless, and all yours.

There is no minimum order value to qualify for these free samples, and a maximum of one qualifying order per week. Make sure you place your order before midnight CEST 17/08/2023 to receive your free hops!

Any order on our Spot Market will also be entered into our Monthly Spot Raffle, so you will be in with a chance of even more free YCH loot!

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