FREE Talus® Cryo™ & HBC 682!

Free Talus® Cryo™ & HBC 682!

At Yakima Chief Hops we are in love with innovation, pushing the future of hops forward with every action. To celebrate that spirit of innovation, we are giving away some of the latest and best hop innovations for free until the end of June 2023.

Any order from our online spot market placed in June will get free foils of both Talus® Brand Cryo Hops® and HBC 682.

Talus® is the latest commercial release from the Hop Breeding Company, the masterminds behind some of the world’s most famous hops. Released in 2020, Talus® has already developed a powerful reputation for its beautiful and utterly unique aroma profile that conjures pink grapefruit, citrus rinds, dried roses, pine resin, tropical fruits and sage.

Cryo Hops® are the concentrated lupulin of whole-leaf hops containing resins and aromatic oils, separated from the bract through a patented, industry leading cryogenic process. Cryo™ pellets have nearly twice the resin of standard T90 pellets, which means that the aromas and flavours contributed by Cryo Hops® are radically more intense and expressive. By being put through the Cryo™ process, Talus® Cryo Hops® will show even more tropical, fruity aromas whist packing a significant punch!

HBC 682 is another variety from the Hop Breeding Company: An experimental “super alpha” hop offering a bold, clean bitterness like no other. Incredibly high levels of alpha acids allow HBC 682 to bombard beers with bitterness that is punchy, clean and totally addictive.

All you have to do to get your hands on these remarkable hops is place an order on our online spot market before midnight CEST Friday 30th June 2023.

There is no minimum order, nor maximum number of orders. Any and all orders from the spot market you make will have an extra foil of both Talus® Cryo™ and HBC 682 T90 thrown in.  

Best of all, this promotion is running in addition to our regular monthly spot raffle, so each spot order not only bags you these great hops, but also puts you in the running to win some awesome prizes.

So don’t delay! Browse our spot market, order hops, and get your hands on hop innovation.