YCH 301 Trial Hops

YCH 301 Trial is part of the Yakima Chief Hops Elite Product Trial program. It combines the ground-breaking concept of Frozen Fresh Hops and the innovative technology of Cryo Hops® to pioneer a new way to brew fresh hop ales with a pelletized product.

YCH 301 Trial requires a two-part production process. First, freshly harvested, un-kilned whole cone hops undergo a flash freezing process in a state-of-the-art BRC-certified food processing facility. This helps retain the delicate nuances of fresh hops from both a physical and aromatic perspective by protecting cell wall and lupulin gland integrity. This results in a product that preserves the magic of fresh hop aromas and flavours. The Frozen Fresh Hops are then produced into concentrated lupulin pellets with YCH’s fully patented cryogenic hop processing technology that gently separates the whole cones and isolates the lupulin. The lupulin containing the aromatic hop oils is preserved using extremely low temperatures and a nitrogen-rich, low oxygen environment during the entire process. This creates a concentrated lupulin, fresh hop product that can be used anywhere in the brewhouse

How to brew with it:

YCH 301 Trial can be used anywhere in the brewing process where pellets can be introduced, allowing brewers to evoke new and unique fresh hop aromas depending on the application. As a concentrated lupulin product, we recommend a usage between 3 and 12 grams per litre. Depending on the variety, the Alpha Acid percentage ranges between 5 and 10% alpha.


The primary benefit to YCH 301 Trial is the unique ability to add a fresh hop product anywhere in the brewing process with greater efficiency and ease of use. Whole cone traditional Fresh Hops or Frozen Fresh Hops are not a practical ingredient for the cold side of the brewing process. YCH 301 Trial allows for an easy deployment of a fresh hop product on the cold side without special handling. This not only creates a more reliable fresh hop product but also expands the possibilities of fresh hop aromas and flavours in beer.

Shipping & storage:

In order to preserve the quality, YCH 301 Trial products must be stored between -18°C and -10°C. If stored at any temperatures between -10°C and 2°C, they must be used within 48 hours. YCH 301 Trial products are offered FCA Belgium. YCH will ship using a frozen chain distribution company. Rates will be confirmed following orders placed.

Pricing & availability:

Varieties available: Citra®, Mosaic® & Simcoe®
Available in 1x5 Kg packaging
€50.78 / £45.60 per Kg