Bridging the convenience and flexibility of spot shopping with the security of a contract, Yakima Chief Hops presents the Action Plan! 
Introducing an easier way to guarantee your hop supply - the Action Plan. Select the varieties you need with the freedom to substitute when needed, enjoy free standard shipping, and brew with the confidence of the YCH Quality Guarantee. This plan offers generous leniency on fulfillment with no penalties or storage fees. Take comfort in knowing that you will receive the product you need when you need it. Take action.  

Designed to meet the ever-changing needs of modern brewers, the Action Plan offers a way to secure your hops, within a flexible purchase commitment. The Action Plan runs for a calendar year and is reevaluated each November. The Action Plan has no storage fees, no penalty fees, and a simple price structure with inclusive shipping.  

“Even in the best of times, it can be difficult to accurately project hop needs, and we acknowledge that,” explains Spencer Tielkemeier, Vice President of Sales - North America. “For some brewing customers, traditional models are just not a good fit. This plan was designed to offer agility to those customers, from smaller-volume breweries to customers that handle a variety of contract brews. This is an evolution to the way things have traditionally been done.” 

Features of the Action Plan: 

Plan the Calendar Year

A flexible commitment that is re-evaluated each November. Your chosen agreement lives for the calendar year and can be adjusted annually. Brewing plans change, and so should your hop purchase agreement.

Immediate Product Availability

No need to worry about when your pellets will be ready, start brewing immediately! YCH will ship orders right away, regardless of harvest cycle, with every shipment backed by the YCH Quality Guarantee. We take the integrity of our quality claims very seriously and guarantee our product is of the highest quality in the world. Not satisfied with the quality? We’ll take care of it. 

Simplified Pricing with Inclusive Shipping

Save the math for your brewing calculations with this simple price structure! Select the varieties that best fit your brewing needs and budget, and that’s how much it will cost, including direct shipping.  

20% Leniency, No Fees

Eyes were bigger than your kettle? The Action Plan allows room for grace. Ship 80% or more of your projected needs by the end of the term to remain in good standing. No penalty fees, just a flexible plan that offers forgiveness. Forecasting the market is tough enough, let’s keep the hop planning simple. 

Varietal Flexibility

Trends change, and recipes change. Need to change up your hops? You have the freedom to exchange any variety with any other hop product in the available inventory. No fees, no penalties for switching, just the hops you need, delivered when you need them. 
Do your needs align with what Action Plan has to offer? We’re here to dive into details and assist you from planning to execution. For Action Plan purchasing and price list questions, reach out to your sales representative, or complete this form, and we will get back to you to find out more about the flexibility and pricing options.