YCH 702 Flows into the Future

YCH 702, the ultra-flowable aroma hop extract from Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) advances from its trial phase to full-scale availability!

Designed as an easy-to-pour whirlpool addition, YCH 702’s ability to flow effortlessly at room temperature sets it apart from other aromatic extracts. “We worked hard to make this product easy to use, from the calculations to the application,” says Research and Development Project Manager, MichelleHopkins. “We are always looking for ways to provide brewers with the solutions they need.

A hassle-free ingredient that highlights aromatics through a concentration of wort-soluble compounds, YCH 702 is an oil-enriched extract made through supercritical CO2 extraction and a unique proprietary process. Thanks to its solubility, you get less trub impacting your waste stream and more wort heading toyour fermenter! In brewing trials, 75% of participants noted an increase in yield when compared to a similar batch using traditional pellets, with some brewers reporting up to a 5% increase in wort yield.

No one wants to meddle with the aroma profile of an established brand. In the sensory analysis of finished beer samples, panelists were unable to determine a significant difference in aromatic attributes between beers brewed with YCH 702 or T-90 pellets. This product is ready to substitute for your standardT-90 pellets at a 1:10 replacement rate, boosting hot-side yield, with no effect on your customer's discerning palate. The aromatic features are variety-specific and currently available in easy-to-pour 1-kilogram and 10-kilogram recyclable HDPE canisters of Citra®, Mosaic®, Simcoe®, and Sabro®, with more coming soon.

“Control Beer” was a regularly brewed recipe with T-90 pellets, and “Experimental Beer” was the same recipe with a portion of the whirlpool hop addition replaced with YCH 702. Sensory panelists detected nosignificant difference in the finished beers.

YCH 702’s greatest strength is its extreme pourability. “The exceptional flowability of YCH 702 is a breakthrough in the realm of hop extracts. It offers not only seamless integration but offers a practical replacement for T-90 pellets,” notes Tessa Schilaty, Research and Development Brewery Manager. “Standardized to 20% total oil, its formulation is perfected to deliver a robust finished product. Its reliable flowability and solubility represent significant advancements for brewing efficiency and quality.” YCH 702 boasts a small footprint, and stores easily as you would any other hop product between -1°C (30°F) and 25°C (77°F). Like all hop products, aromatic quality maintains greater stability at cooler temperatures. If you store YCH 702 in your cooler, simply take it out at the start of your brew day for maximum pourability.

Let the good times flow! Contact your sales representative or reach out to us at brewinghelp@yakimachief.com to learn more about YCH 702.