Take advantage of this limited time offer! Any purchase made between the 14th of November and the 14th of December will automatically receive an additional 5 kg of Community Blend Beta and 1 kg of the 2021 Pink Boots Blend* at no additional cost!

Developed by the Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) sensory team to compliment any recipe, Community Blend Beta is a manifestation of our mission to uplift not only our local community but also the communities that support our global brewing partners. “Brewing is about community and purpose, and so many breweries are already doing so much for their local scene, from creating jobs to charity work to community outreach,” says Luke Kulchstein, Yakima Chief Hops’ Marketing Lead, Europe. “This blend wascreated as a way for YCH to support their efforts and offer something from one end of the supply chain to another, helping them to pay it forward.” The blend was released as a three-way collaboration between YCH, the brewery purchasing the blend, and a charity of that brewery’s choosing. Upon purchase, the brewery would select a benefiting organization in their community. YCH then donated to that organization, with the brewery generating an additional donation through the sales of their beer, enriching a cycle of community engagement.We encourage breweries to partner with a neighboring non-profit organization and utilize this blend to craft a beer that raises funds and awareness for community betterment. Community Beta Blend’s tropical, pine, and grapefruit characteristics let it shine in any hop-forward brew, with its complimentary underscores of lemon making it adaptable to a broad range of beer styles.

The 2021 Pink Boots Blend is a showstopping combination of Idaho Gem™, Talus™, Loral™, Triumph, and HBC 630, featuring sweet aromatics with citrus and berry. This special blend is created annually in partnership with the Pink Boots Society, a global non-profit whose mission is to assist, inspire, and encourage women and non-binary individuals in the fermented/alcoholic beverage industry to advance their careers through education. YCH donated €5 per kilogram produced of this purposeful blend to the Pink Boots Society! We encourage you to use it in your brewing endeavors to show support for gender diversity in the world of fermentation. Learn more about the Pink Boots Society and its mission here. Both community blends are versatile and can be incorporated into any recipe. Our commitment to givingback extends beyond our local community, to the communities that surround and support our customersworldwide. Whatever brewing needs you are shopping for between 14/11/23 and 14/12/23, whether a spot order of Cryo Hops® or extract, let us include these impactful community-minded blends in your order, and contribute to the promotion of community spirit and goodwill.