Fresh Hops

Celebrating each unique harvest with hops straight from the bine


Fresh Hops are harvested as whole, wet cones and are delivered to breweries in less than 36 hours. Untouched by any aspect of the production process, they allow brewers to experience the quality of our hops straight from the bine. The entire process is full of logistical challenges, but all agree, the taste of the resulting fresh hop ales is worth it.

At Yakima Chief Hops, we celebrate the agricultural roots of craft beer by telling the stories of the small, independent hop farms that grow our hops. What better way to share their legacy than by supplying hops in their purest form, endowing each harvest with a distinct flavor and layering seasonal fresh hop beers with multidimensional aromatic qualities. 


  • Endows each harvest with its own distinct flavor profile
  • Popular and highly sought after by craft beer consumers each year
  • Results in fresh, grassy flavors and aromas that are unique to fresh hops
  • Robust aroma profile also includes tropical fruit, stone fruit, earthy, floral and herbal
  • Fresh hop ales are one of the most celebratory beers in the craft beer community. Brewed with whole wet cones straight from the bine and into the kettle within 36 hours of harvest, they represent hops in their most natural form while honoring their rich agricultural roots. However, due to the high perishability of this fresh agricultural product, limited accessibility has always been a problem among brewers, especially for those further from the farms.

    Focused on innovation and creative solutions, we have found a way to supply a more attainable fresh hop product in partnership with Wyckoff Farms, who is skilled in the art producing and preserving quality, frozen agricultural products.

    YCH’s Frozen Fresh Hops are raw, un-kilned, flash frozen whole cone hops produced in a state-of-the-art BRC-certified food processing facility. Unlike traditional freezing, flash freezing retains the delicate nuances of un-kilned hops by protecting lupulin gland integrity, preserving fresh hops from both a physical and aromatic perspective. The result is a product that perfectly preserves the magic of fresh hop season while offering better storability and more logistical flexibility both with shipping and brewhouse operations.


    The 2021 Frozen Fresh Hop program will offer: Azacca®, Citra®, Mosaic®, Simcoe® and Cascade.


  • Once a year we partner with our growers and invite Pacific Northwest breweries to pick up freshly harvested hops from the location they are grown. Offering Farm Pickup Fresh Hops is one of the ways we love to share our direct connection to family farms with brewers. For us, this is the joy of being grower owned. It’s more than just about brewing with Fresh Hops. It’s about being greeted by the members of the farm while witnessing hop harvest in action. It’s about making memories on your epic journey to retrieve your Fresh Hops every year.

    Traditional Fresh Hops are whole wet hop cones straight from the bine and must be used within 36 hours of harvest. They are the most exciting and unpredictable form of hops, layering fresh hop beers with multidimensional aromatic qualities. With aromas unique to each crop year and field, Fresh Hops are a true celebration of that harvest season and family farm. Fresh hop ales help to share their story with every pint.


    Farm Pickup PNW Fresh Hops Order Form 2023

    We encourage local Pacific Northwest breweries to reach out to their local sales team for more information on Farm Pick Up Fresh Hops.


Fresh Hops are primarily used in late kettle additions or dry hopping to provide a unique, green, hop character to beer. Add the Fresh Hops as late additions or in post-fermentation for best utilization of the fresh hop aroma and flavor character. Fresh Hops can be added to the brew loose, in mesh bags or added via custom designed dosing systems

KETTLE: Use of fresh hops for bittering is not recommended. Late kettle usage rates may vary depending on the brewing process and the desired hopping level.

Post-Boil/Whirlpool: Post-boil/whirlpool additions can be added directly into whirlpool, or after whirlpool by use of hop back. Many brewers have success using their mash tun as an improvised hop back. The usage ratio for Fresh Hops vs T90 pellets can vary from 3:1 to 6:1.

Fermentation: Additions during or post-fermentation reinforce aroma in beer and are determined on a case-by-case basis. 

Dry hopping: Depending on preference, the usage ratio for Fresh Hops vs T90 pellets can vary from 3:1 to 6:1.

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